About Us


Transforming ourselves and our world through contemplative social justice



Practitioners are equipped to:
  • listen to the immediate as well as long-term needs of the community and the land
  • collaborate with other groups ⎯ religious, secular, community organizations, etc.
  • articulate how their work contributes to the Spirit’s transformation of our world
  • work towards a world of equity, harmony, community and peace
  • seek long-term, systemic change
  • approach this work with humility, grace, and openness to surrender to the sacred unfolding

Faith and Christianity

The CJN is an initiative of the Pacific Mountain Region of The United Church of Canada. The CJN values, honours and welcomes people of all faith backgrounds or those without a connection to a faith tradition to participate, partner and share wisdom in our programs and initiatives. The CJN approach draws on the contemplative Christian tradition and focuses on spiritual practice and community praxis (putting our knowledge, skills and values into action) as tools for transformation of ourselves and our world.


The Contemplative Justice Network seeks to:
  • empower individuals to explore the intersection of contemplative practice and social justice
  • educate practitioners to address systemic injustices in thoughtful, strategic and informed ways
  • reduce burn out of social justice practitioners and increase engagement of justice issues among contemplatives
  • encourage contemplative practices that foster new ways of seeing and being in the world (seeing through the eyes of Christ)
  • support the continuation of good work within the region
  • support the longevity of justice work in the region by actively involving people in the first half of life.
  • honour the wisdom and knowledge in the region by creating opportunities for elders to mentor, support and partner.
  • connect people throughout the region to share knowledge and create networks of support and inspiration

This network is for people who are:

  • yearning for a world of peace, joy and sacred connection
  • passionate about healing our communities and our planet
  • excited about contributing to an active, engaged and relevant community of social justice practitioners
  • curious about exploring contemplative ways to engage in social action
  • seeking strategies to respond to systemic injustice
  • aware of social justice as an integral part of being church


The CJN recognizes and accepts that it is part of the Christian Church which has a 2,000 year history that includes much violence and hate. Our own branch of the church, the United Church of Canada (UCC), is part of this lineage. The UCC has collaborated with colonial powers and perpetuated injustice. Through both ignorance and willful misuse of power, the UCC has harmed many vulnerable people in our communities. We acknowledge that this harm is in direct contradiction to the teachings of the Jesus and it is our commitment to work towards justice for the future.

We acknowledge the harm caused to First Nations communities
We acknowledge the harm caused to members of the LGBTQ community
We acknowledge the harm caused to all by the exclusion of women’s stories,
We acknowledge the harm caused to the planet
We acknowledge that non-action and apathy are detrimental
For the harm caused through ignorance and misuse of power, we are deeply sorry. We acknowledge that we must move forward humbly. We must listen carefully and learn to confront injustice in our everyday lives and on a systemic scale. We must acknowledge and challenge our own power and privilege. We must be self reflective and vulnerable enough to seek feedback from our communities and those whose life experience is different from our own. We must take the gospel seriously when Jesus says, “Hypocrite! Remove the board from your own eye first; then you’ll be able to see clearly to remove the splinter from your neighbour’s eye” (Matthew 7:5).
We continue to learn how to be in right relationship with our communities and the land. We welcome your comments, suggestions and ideas about this statement and how we can more fully live into it together.  



The Contemplative Justice Network is an initiative of the Pacific Mountain Region of The United Church of Canada. This network rests upon the foundation of the good work completed by many committed volunteers, most recently, the Justice Advisory Circle. The Contemplative Justice Network is funded through the Pacific Mountain Region as well as a generous donation from Capilano United Church upon closure of its building. We are grateful to all those who have supported, and continue to support this work with their time, prayers and financial gifts. If you are interested in donating to the Contemplative Justice Network, please click here.